1963 What a Year It Was!: 54th Birthday or Anniversary Gift - Coffee Table Book

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What A Year 1963 Was! The nation grieved when President Kennedy was assasinated in Dallas. Beatlemania gathered steam as their first recordings hit the market. The Beach Boys and girl groups were riding high. Andy Warhol had his 2nd solo exhibit. Civil Rights advocates marched on Washington. TV news came of age while “The Beverly Hillbillies” topped the ratings. The James Bond movie franchise was born with “Dr. No.” Ace pitcher Sandy Koufax was in peak form for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Our big, classic hardbound yearbook is filled to bursting with stories, photos, and artwork detailing the movies, music, shows, sports, fashion, news, people, places, and events that made 1963 unique and memorable. Personalize it on the special dedication page for a handsome and much appreciated gift.

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  • 8.75" x 11.25" hardcover
  • 160-176 pages
  • B&W Content