1958 What A Year It Was! Book, 1st edition: 59th Birthday or Anniversary Gift

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What A Year 1958 Was! Alaska won statehood. “The Blob” and other horror movies were big boxoffice. The Quiz Show scandals hit TV as “The Rifleman” and “77 Sunset Strip” debuted. Elvis Presley entered the U.S. Army as a private while Ricky Nelson and Ritchie Valens scored top hits. Hula Hoop madness hit as the Beatnik movement blossomed in California. Velcro and Pizza Hut came on the scene. NASA had their first black female engineer. The NFL Championship game was televised coast-to-coast for the first time.

Our big, classic hardbound yearbook is filled to bursting with stories, photos, and artwork detailing the movies, music, shows, sports, fashion, news, people, places, and events that made 1958 unique and memorable. Personalize it on the special dedication page for a handsome and much appreciated gift.

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  • 8.75" x 11.25" hardcover
  • 160-176 pages
  • B&W Content